The tale of the soup bet.
The Saga  

 10| 17 The first to fall.

 A cell phone call today brought news of the first member of the soup 4 to collapse in disgrace and dishonor, a testament to all those who would like to better better in the world, and need some guidance in "what not to be". Yes, like falling from the heavens themselves, a disgraced angel cast down to hell, one has done just that.

   Greg Stout called Todd Muscat from "Gulliver's", a restaurant in Irvine, California. He was asking for a buyout. He wanted a break on his payment, asking for a $240 payment instead of $300. Although that break amounted to $20 less for each of the 3 that were not disgraced, and it also amounted to $60 dollars, AND, it also amounted to about .00000001 of his annual pay, it actually amounted to 100% of his honor.

   Apparently the idea to drop out was coerced by the evil Frank Hong, taunting and tempting an already weak Greg. Frank, brother to Dan Hong, a bet original participant, vowed to make Greg's life miserable by taking him to all the best steak houses.

   Some are questioning if Frank was recieving a kick-back from his brother for helping, but when asked, Dan denied everything. "Frank just likes to torture, just like what he did to Kevin Chow", he babbled.

   3 remain. Dan, Joe, and Todd.

   Controversy remains on the horizon though.

    Dan goes in for a 7 hour question and answer session with the FCC very soon. Does he get a reprieve? Does he get to eat to prepare? As Joe says"If we can't eat cake on a man's (Tolga's) birthday, the most sacred of a man's days, then he (Dan) cannot eat".

 10| 12 In the beginning.

    The bet began on the Tuesday after Columbus day, as most soup bets do, between Dan Hong and Joe Giesner as a test of will.

    Greg Stout and Todd Muscat joined the bet later, sacrificing their weekend "off time" to make up for coming in late. The stage was set for a 4 man showdown of will, determination, soul-searching, fortitude, honor, manliness, testosterone, and soup.

    The first major test was the company cafeteria's rendition of "seafood minestrone" soup. It was described by Greg as "watered down fish meatloaf". Sitting next to the 3 bowls of this soup dan was having was my double cheese-burger. That couldn't have helped.

   The topic of discussion at that lunch was Todd's transgression the night before. He had had Marie Calendar's potato and cheese soup. This was ruled out as NOT soup as it was just too damn substantial. Dan Hong remarks, "to clarify, Todd's soup from last night does not disqualify him as it did say soup on it. but I believe that "soup" that he had last night should be disallowed from now on." This was unanimously agreed upon.

Todd was however warned. Dan chortled by e-mail, "Mr. muscat will get another slap on the wrist for his transgressions (although in his defense, he was told that it would probably be ok). to conform to california's 3 strike policy, mr. muscat must tread lightly from here on out."

    On the topic of soup and milk.

    "If my recollection about the conversation is correct, the chocolate powdered flavoring added to water, as is in the break room, is allowed, as anything in the break room is allowed."

    "That is NOT chocolate milk though. if milk is allowed, and chocolate powdered flavoring is allowed, it does not necessarily mean the combination of the two is allowed. I would argue however that the exact powdered chocolate from the break room could be combined with milk if a consensus is reached."

   The philosophy of soup.

    "The more pressing issue here, as will be reflected on the website commentary, is the feeling that bending the rules is somehow outsmarting the bet, when it is really only cheapenning the bet. for this to work, the "spirit" of the soup bet must be a mutually respected ideology by all. try to keep that in mind. also, it should be made clear that although "soup" is the moniker, i think liquidy foods is more of an acurrate description, so if black angus comes up with their 24ounce steak andd bbq sauce soup, it doesnt count." -Bill Palmatary blurts, in an email.


Soup Bet Rules and regulations  
1. The bet is active Monday through Friday. Period.

The weekend officially starts at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday and > ends at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday.

2. Soups - most canned soups are legal. No chili and no stews.
2a. marie Calendar's potato and cheese soup is NOT a soup.
2b. "There is no hard and fast rule as to what constitutes a soup or a break room drink...We are trying to get into the "spirit" of the bet...Where if there could have been any doubt, we ask ahead of time to see if its legal."

3. Drinks - anything that can be found in the break room & any alcohol. This includes soda from the 2 machines, water, tea, and cocoa (powdered in water, not chocolate milk).

4. Loser must pay their $300 to the rest of whoever's standing.

The breakdown works out to:
winner:          +$550
runner up:         -$50
2nd runner up: -$200
loser:              -$300

5. If anybody is caught cheating (i.e. had some non-soup items and doesn't mention it to anybody), they must pay double.