The tale of the rolling bet.

   This bet took place after having way too much sake at the local Sushi place (, I highly recommend the place btw). It was settled right outside the restaurant, and the rolling took us all the way to a local bar at the other end of the street, where some of us proceeded to further their state of drunkenness, and subsequently got pulled over on their way home.

   The bet involved my team lead Jimmy Kang and I performing rolls/flips/sommersaults. The rules of the bet were the following:

-The bet would not end until one of us gave up.
-A roll was defined as starting from standing position, rolling, and coming back to a standing position.
-I was given a 3/1 handicap, in other words for each roll Jimmy did I had to do 3.
-Loser pays winner 50$

    There are a few obvious things I'd like to point out about this:
-Rolling on asphalt can be quite painful, especially when wearing short sleeves and dress shoes.
-Rolling requires a certain amount of coordination, which, being drunk, we were rather short on.
-Spinning your stomach around immediately after ingesting massive quantities of sushi and sake is a bad idea.

    Here is the breakdown of exactly how things happened:
Eric: 1 roll
Jimmy: 1 roll. Goes way off course, runs into a rail, but still manages to come back on his feet.
Eric: 3 rolls.
Jimmy: 2 rolls
Eric: Has trouble with math, but eventually figures out he's supposed to do 6 rolls to stay in. 6 rolls.
Jimmy: 3 rolls. 3rd roll goes way off course, and Jimmy hits a parked car, much to the crowd's amusement.
Eric: 9 rolls
Jimmy: 4 rolls
Eric: 12 rolls Short break as we pretend to be just walking along while a police car slowly drives by, giving us suspicious looks. Whether this is the same car that later pulled Dylan Chu over is unclear.
Jimmy: 5 rolls
Eric: 15 rolls
Jimmy: 6 rolls. Nearly misses another car on the 6th roll.
Eric: 18 rolls
Jimmy: 7 rolls
Eric: 21 rolls Jimmy finally concedes the bet.

    Add them up, thats 28 total for Jimmy, 85 total for me.
The consequences: -While my clothes we somehow strangely intact, I wasn't. I had huge scratches and bruises on my elbows and knees, as well as on my back. The ones on my back were 4 good 6 inches in diameter. Nice and yellow. I had to sleep flat on my stomach for the next 3 days, and still have scars on my right elbow. -Jimmy refused to admit to any pain, but avoided anything that involved getting up from his chair or walking for the next 2 days. He later admitted the sake and rolling combination had also made him terribly sick that night.

    Would I do it again? No Do I regret doing it? Absolutely not.

(Nice bet guys -Bill)