Asinine Paintball Info

Information about the 4th.
The field opens at 8:30, plan to get there as early as possible for a full day of shooting people. Plan the drive time according to how far away you are. If you're in the Santa Clara area (which most of you are) we carpool from the Carlisle apartment complex parking lot (on Lick Mill Blvd halfway between Tasman and Montague, at the intersection of Lick Mill and Hope). In order to be in on the carpool thing you must be in the lot by 7:15. If you need any more info on directions to the rally point email me.

Also, please forward this on to whoever I've missed.

what to wear:
stuff you don't mind getting dirty (camo for rent at the field)
sneakers with good tread
dark colors (so you don't stick out)
a sweatshirt to cushion the blow (if you're a wimp)
gloves if you want to

what to bring:
cash (enough for the day -- prices are here:
food for lunch (pizza is provided, but it's nasty and expensive)
extra t-shirt / shorts to change into at the end of the day is a good idea

Directions: (see map:
Take 80 towards Sacramento.
Take Marine World - HWY 37 exit.
Stay on 37 for approx. 2 Miles.
Turn right on Hwy 29.
Stay on 29 for approx. 3 miles.
Turn left on Rio Del Mar.
Take immediate right in front of 7-11
on to Eucalyptus for about 1 mile.
Go Past First Gate.
Turn right thru 2nd entrance and go straight to parking.