The tale of the octopus bet.

   So there we were at 'sushi lovers', this sushi place down by the theater. Its one of those sushi places that has boats with your food traveling around (many times we've questioned the ultimate sanitary issues that arise from this, but I digress).

   As one particularly disgusting looking sushi wrap rounded a corner, Matt Allen notices it, and as it approaches my end of the row he says, "I'll give $40 bucks to whoever eats that. Greg, big fan of Trite that he is, and connoisseur of disgusting foods, grabs it with no delay. Bad idea. He said something to the effect of, "oh god what is this?"

  It was raw baby octapus. But not just some octapus meat. This was a full baby octopus, tentacles at all, peering out of a little sushi wrap (seaweed and rice). He, or she as the case may have been, was a bright pinkish color, smaller than the pic above, maybe a head about 3/4ths of an inch wide.

    As soon as he saw it he tried to back out. There was no predicting how disgusting this octapus was going to look till he pulled it off the boat. Now that it was in front of him, his enthusiasm waned quickly. I quickly pointed out that it was a bet, and the bet had been agreed on when he took it. If he backed out, he owed Matt $40. He wasn't happy I mentioned that because it had looked like his backing out was going to be accepted.

   (On a side note, I like to antagonize, prod, poke, and generally expose the bet to greater and uglier forms of itself. Everyone knows this, I make no arguments against it. In the world of asinine bets I am that guy who has never touched a football but still yells that the quarterback sucks, the rules should be harder, the defense doesn't hit hard enough, and that the coach has no honor. However, I was the patron of the wassabi bet, so I do know the pain that these bets cause.)

   Back to the bet. With the realization he was trapped he decided to eat the octopus. Now this isn't your normal 8 snack ttreat. It's tentacles were sticking out of the little wrap hole, almost as if it was going to make one last try to lift itself out. Its head was this bulbous mass like a seaweed bulb you'd see at the beach. And this is one big piece of sushi....its not going to easily fit in your mouth. And, when it gets there, its like rubber. I don't know if you've ever had Calamari at a bar, but it's like chewing rubber. Not the most tantalizing thing in the world. Actually, I'm wondering right now why I eat that stuff when it comes. Regardless though, the Octo-gauntlet had been thrown down.

   When he first put it in his mouth it filled it up so much the question of whether or not he'd be able to bite down entered my mind. It was like he was trying to chew a great big super ball.