The Ted Danson Bet

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Yo, I don't get credit for the submission of "Ted Danson's Bet" on your site.

-Asinine Fan

   The other night at the GoatHill Tavern in Costa Mesa, Joe Giessner was
drunkenly bragging about Little Hong's prowess at this movie/actor game
similar to 6 Degrees of K Bacon popular at NetApp.

   I innocently remarked that Dan Hong couldn't name 5 Ted Danson movies(don't
ask me why I came up with him other than I used to be a big Sam Malone fan).
Giessner belligerently insisted on betting me $10 and immediately called a
supposedly sleeping Hong at his apartment.

   We agreed Dan would have 5 minutes and TV movies, particularly "Gulliver's
Travels", would not count.

   Well, Hong instantly named "3 Men and a Baby" and "3 Men and a Little Lady"
as any movie amateur would. When he named "Saving Private Ryan", I was
impressed, but when he named "Made in America", I got scared. However, a
diet-weakened Hong had to admit defeat after that.

   Giessner fell victim to one of the classic blunders: never go in against
Casella when movies are on the line!